I UK [wɪnd] / US noun
Word forms "wind":
singular wind plural winds
1) [countable/uncountable] a natural current of air that moves fast enough for you to feel it

A cold wind blew and the rain fell in torrents.

We'll head back to the shore if the wind picks up (= gets stronger).

The helicopter can't reach them until the wind drops (= becomes less strong).

a light/strong wind:

Fires spread by strong winds have caused widespread damage.

a gust of wind (= a short strong wind):

A large gust of wind swept his hat into the sea.


Adjectives frequently used with wind
▪  biting, bitter, blustery, gusty, high, howling, strong
2) [singular] the air in your lungs

The heavy blow knocked the wind out of him.

3) [uncountable] British gas produced in your stomach that makes you feel uncomfortable. The American word is gas.

II UK [wɪnd] / US verb [transitive]
Word forms "wind":
present tense I/you/we/they wind he/she/it winds present participle winding past tense winded past participle winded
1) British to help a baby get rid of the gas in its stomach through its mouth by rubbing its back
2) [often passive] to hit someone in the stomach and cause them to have difficulty breathing

III UK [waɪnd] / US verb
Word forms "wind":
present tense I/you/we/they wind he/she/it winds present participle winding past tense wound UK [waʊnd] / US past participle wound
1) [transitive] to wrap or twist something around itself or around something else

The wool was tightly wound into a small ball.

wind something round something:

I put on my coat and wound a scarf round my neck.

2) [intransitive/transitive] to follow a course or path that curves or twists a lot

The road winds gradually upwards towards the ski lodge.

wind along:

The path wound along the riverside.

wind through:

We wound through the narrow streets of the village.

wind your way:

The bus wound its way up the mountain.

a) [transitive] to make a cassette tape or video move forwards or backwards in a machine

I've wound it back to the beginning.

b) British to make the window of a vehicle move up or down
wind down/up:

He stopped next to her and wound down his window.

rewind I, 1)
4) wind or wind up
[transitive] if you wind or wind up a watch or a clock, you make it operate by turning a part of it around and around

I forgot to wind my watch. What time is it?

Phrasal verbs:
IV UK [waɪnd] / US noun [countable]
Word forms "wind":
singular wind plural winds
1) a curve or bend in something
2) the action of turning a part of a clock or a watch to make it operate

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